About Us

Treatment fusion and innovation are both very distinctive attributes of RN Spa.

Our spa treatments are simply unlike any others, and they are made even more pampering with 100% handwork.

RN Spa is known for our skillful blend in treatment techniques and application of ingredients, drawn from various Asian cultures, so as to fortify the efficacy of our treatments. An example of such is the use of Chinese acupressure techniques, coupled with the application of Thai Herbs in the deliverance of a Shiatsu Face Spa, which is essentially a Japanese massage technique.

Other signature, exotic treatments include Golden Topaz and Rose Quartz face spas, Chimu Body Harmoniser,, Imperial Yao Ritual and alternative massage remedies such as Oriental Chopsticks, Pillow Body and Kung Fu Ball.

These exclusive treatments are the result of RN Spa’s innovative spirit.